6 comments on “Excuses! Excuses!

  1. I passed by your house today and saw all the pavestones in the driveway. Ryan and I waved as we drove by hoping you’d feel it in spirit. We miss you but understand. Just take care and don’t overdo.


  2. Just keep on truckin’! You do what you need to do and as and when a bit in blogging or social media-ing can be fitted in we’ll be about to pick up the strands. Enjoy it allA J


  3. Oh, lady, I hear you. I hear you loud and clear. My past two (three?) posts have been about this! It’s so difficult. You can write when you feel like it but you can’t get these moments back with your family. Also…breathe. ❤


  4. Oh, goodness I remember those busy days! Then the soccer player and football player leave home, you finish your commitments and find yourself staring at your shooting star. Grab it by the tail when you can, but for now, embrace the business and make memories.


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