15 comments on “A little healthy competition never hurt anyone…

  1. Wow, my record is 18K. I was going for 20K but I was pretty exhausted and fell asleep. You’ll have to add me so we can do challenges and whatnot.


  2. from what I could tell, is this s wearable wrist band of some sort? I wonder if it has speech output so that someone who is blind could use it?


    • It is, I should have added a picture to show what it looks like. That is a good question, I can’t find anything saying that mine has thy capability, so I am thinking mine doesn’t.


    • Thanks! Most days I walk the dog, the children, sometimes the dog AND the children. 🙂 I find walking to be the best form of exercise, mind clearer and a form of cleaning avoidance.

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      • me too (Dog that is; the kids don’t need me walking then); my my step counter is on my phone so it only records out of the house (when in my pocket) and not around and about the house. Still I’d do well to do a quarter of yours…


      • Walking with the dog is peaceful. I’ve always used my phone to record my mileage too, until I got a new phone that is too big for my pocket, then carrying it became a hassle.
        I like that this thing records all day, it makes me look more active than I probably am!!

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  3. Those things creep me out. So weird. Even the name. FitBit! Sounds like a swear word. Heh. I might start using that. Anyway, hey, hey! Good for you! Nice job and all that jazz. Congrats on the run, too. That’s awesome. (You’re making me look bad, lady. Just wait until our next quidditch match.) 😉

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    • It’s weird how it tracks everything, but it’s so cool too. I’m loving it. You should get one. Then you can tell those neighbors of yours to shove it!
      Oh I’m ready for our next quidditch match! Now where did I put my broom…?


  4. That’s wonderful to get your mom involved, too! My kids bring out the glow in me, as well. We hiked, though my son-in-law often “rested” to “wait” for the slow hiker (me). I got knocked over in a big way by someone else’s dog and I think that should have added bonus fitness points for the day. 🙂 Reminds me that my treadmill in my office is for more than a stereo or ornamentation.

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    • Getting knocked over by a dog that is not your own definitely warrants added bonus points!
      Hahahaha isn’t it funny how certain things in our home become shelving/storage units for smaller things. Your poor treadmill, but you have beautiful land to walk on instead of a boring treadmill.


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