11 comments on “April is the cruelest month…

  1. So, yeah, if anyone knows how to make a keyboard Dracula, this would be a good time to show off your skills.

    I do hope I was “polite” in my inquiry. 😀 I am laughing so hard at the memory of this conversation. Oh my gosh. I’m such a goof. Thinking of you and sending cyber hugs. And a Harry Potter mug.

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    • Thank you for the love and hugs! It will get better, life will just be different and that is alright. It just takes patience, and a newly untraveled road for us.

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  2. Hope everything is okay with you – sorry to hear things have been difficult. I can say I agree with April being tough. It has been a very tough month here too. But thankfully not much longer til May 😀


  3. If we can’t get over the obstacles we go through ’em. Not a pleasant journey but glad your writing community can keep you buoyant! I’m wanting to see this keyboard Dracula.


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, especially in a diminished state. April IS a tough month – and the Waste Land is a tough read. I had to read it in college in a lit class, and didn’t understand it much. I needed the notes! Hopefully you’re going to emerge this month and I look forward to seeing more posts!

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