7 comments on “A promise is a promise…

  1. I read whatever I am in the mood for, sometimes starting a book — no longer in the mood, put it down and find another one I AM in the mood for. Mostly SF, YA, Fantasy, dystopian (a current fad for me), animal stories (always a fave), historical fiction, mysteries, romance (especially if mixed with one of the other genres), etc…..I rotate through these a lot. If it has words… However mostly avoid true Horror (funny horror is ok). Currently re-reading on my Kindle the Mazo de la Roche Jalna Series which I found as a teen and find I still enjoy.


    • I’ve been known to do that as well with books, to the point that sometimes I will have up to four or five books going at a time. If you are a fan of SF and dystopian tryout Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. I just finished reading it this week and was impressed. Hmm, I’ve never come across a funny horror, I must try and find one now!


  2. I clicked. I read. I commented. 😉

    Just curious…did you have difficulty getting into Station Eleven? I’m reading it but being easily distracted by other books because it hasn’t hooked me.


    • Yeah a little bit. I struggled keeping up with who everyone was over the different times lines and that frustrated me. How far in are you?


      • I think the writing is lovely, I just can’t get into it. I’m stressed, exhausted, and don’t want to work at reading right now. Awful, I know. I’m at the very beginning. I’m afraid it’s not the book, that I’m distracted and/or tired when I try to read it.


  3. I loved Station Eleven. The writing style is what sucked me in. That’s usually what does it for me – I don’t need all kinds of conflict or torturing of the characters – I just want to be in awe of the writing style.

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  4. Emily St. John Mandel has a good writing style, she beautifully painted a horrendous story in Station Eleven. The complete set up and destruction of the world without any real one on one chaos was spectacular. There were a few issues that I had with the book, but not enough that I won’t read some of her other works.


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