7 comments on “Oh the joys of a snow day…

  1. Ha! Tonnes of the stuff but I’m in the mountains skiing so it doesn’t really count. If I was in London and it snowed like you’ve had it the place would grind to an immediate halt We are utterly incompetent when we have snow.

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    • Everything stops here when it snows here. Mostly we get iced over and even that is only about once to twice a winter for about a day. We’ve had a freak winter this year, the weather doesn’t know what it wants to do! Poor Sarah, she’s in 4ft of it right now, us Texans would be lost!

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  2. Don’t taunt the New Englander about your 70 degree weather and joy-filled snow day, lady. We had 7 snow days out of 12 school days. O_o (I loved the first few…) We still have over 4 ft. of snow and it snowed again today. All. Day. But at least it’s warm! In the 30s. Last week was 0-18 degrees.

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    • Yeah, our snow has pretty much disappeared at this point. Half of the snowman’s head fell off, leaving a sad looking carrot sticking out awkwardly in a pile of snow.
      Wow, so you guys must be suffering from cabin fever like no other. At least it warmed up… To 30’s… I bet it feels almost balmy 😋

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