11 comments on “Lemons, Limes and Ugliness

  1. This —> “Life sometimes gives you lemons. Some days life pelts those lemons at you…” I’m sorry to laugh but I’m feeling the same way. I JUST wrote a post about all the compassion posts online and wondering if it really did anything and about all the ugliness I’ve seen lately. You are not alone. hands you fresh lime

    Am halfway through “On Hearing of My Mother’s Death…” and about 1/4 way through “Dead Flies…” Orphan Train is on my TBR list and I’m excited to read Station Eleven. Have you read that one?

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    • Lately it feels like I am in a constant nightmare of dodgeball so pelting lemons came to mind, I am glad you got a laugh. I could use a laugh, thanks for the lime though. I just do not understand the reasoning behind being downright ugly! It baffles me. I will head over and catch up on your posts, I am sorry you’ve been pelted with ugly lemons too.
      I learned a few heartbreaking new things from Orphan Train, do not read it if you are feeling low wait till you are are in a uplifted mood. I haven’t heard of Station Eleven, I will have to see what it’s about.


  2. Hi AJ. Soz to hear it’s raining citrus. Bummer. Still, cup hands, fill with G&T (or your cocktail of choice) and let it add a tang. Thank you for the shout out for Dead Flies. I really appreciate that. Interestingly I’ve just started Station Eleven and the premise is excellent so defo add it to your heap if you like apocalyptic novels. Hear from you soon I hope.

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  3. Sending you Big Rock Candy Mountain love! Hobos have the right idea when pelted with lemons. They think up places where the lemonade springs and the bluebirds sing and there grows cigarette tress (cigarette trees? Yeah, IDK but evidently it was acceptable to sing to children in the 1960s). Hope this brings a smile to your heart!


    • Omgosh, love it! Thank you for that! As much as we love Johnny Cash, I cannot believe that I have never heard this song or seen this video. And wow, cigarette trees?!

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  4. Yo A, I’m sorry about this rough period you’ve had to go through. I’m sending positive vibes your way and I hope things get better.

    Also, our writing group is starting a blog?


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