13 comments on “Jello cookies

  1. Brilliant twist. I was so sure they were going to be yummy. The picture of your kids gobbing them out is priceless. As for using your husband as a guinea pig, well he should be taken into care, poor thing!


    • You crack me up, I love that you own that whole “no cooking” thing. My family probably wishes I would follow your route and stop tormenting them with my adventures.


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  3. I was gonna leave a comment but I did you one better and wrote a post about mine.

    By the way, that was messed up – giving the cookies to your husband and then trying to give them to your grandmother LOL!!


    • Absolutely loved your post! Mostly because I have fouled up by being in such a rush and not fulling reading the directions.

      Hey, I never share my food with false pretenses, they are fully aware that whatever they are fixing to take a bite of has a 50% chance of causing a gag reflex!


    • Hmm, the idea of Jello shots with Grandma makes me laugh – because she goes along with whatever. If I provided Jello shots, she’d have one. We are a “roll with it” kind of family.


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