14 comments on “No one should have it coming…

  1. I want to know this Teachers name who thinks it is okay to “bully” if that person has it coming. Is he teaching our young children it is okay to kill, if the person you kill “has it coming”? Is it okay to steal if the person you steal from “has it coming”?


  2. Thank You Amber for a telling and perceptive flash. This lack of empathy, or trying to understand (accepting there are people as you describe so well who find it difficult to) is a real bugbear. It makes it difficult to come to judgement because, if we stop and wonder why someone as done something then it is easy to find it difficult to know what to do. And dithering, standing by, can be just as bad as acting swiftly and decisively but based on a simplistic premise. It is a battle and I’m sure you will do a wonderful job in helping your child to appreciate the subtleties of living in this ever so complicated world.

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    • Thank you, I am never quite sure when my flashes will come across as I had intended.
      One who lacks the ability to feel empathy/sympathy come across aloof to those less fortunate, when really they just do not have the ability to do understand. It becomes more of gaining the knowledge and less “feeling” in these situations. We just have to work together as a whole and do our best towards one another every day.

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