14 comments on “Go Team Pickles!

  1. I will always love the name Pickles after the dog that found the soccer world cup that was stolen in 1966 when England hosted it. What a scandal that was and we barely remember it! Go Pickles… Where do we sponsor you three?


    • Well now I must research this dog named Pickles and find out more.
      I have no idea how sponsoring works, I haven’t quite figured out what we are walking for either… I really just wanted to see my mom covered in blacklight powder so that’s how I settled on this particular event. Is that bad?!

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      • Here in the UK there are websites that link to the charity if your choice. You can then send a link to friends and family if you want to. Just Giving us one. Virgin Giving another. Most charities encourage their use and it makes it v easy to get the money in and straight to the chaity without you having to collect a lot of change and send it in later. Plus here we have a tax exemption called gift aid which gives the charity our income tax on the amount straight to the charity and the web site sorts out the link too. V effective


  2. Go Team Pickles!!! Wow, to be cool in the eyes of your 12-year old son! I asked my son (many years older than 12 now) to help me train for a 5K and he got excited to give me a “killer” program for cross-training! Let us now more as this transpires!


    • Oh I wonder if his excitement was because he will be torturing you with this killer program! My son would get a kick out of torturing me if given the chance lol.


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