4 comments on “Would you prefer chocolates or being hit with sacrificed animal skin?

  1. I love history and I love learning new things. Although, this totally disproves my theory that Valentine’s Day was invented by Hallmark.
    If I had to choose between dealing with another Valentine’s Day as a single gal or getting hit with dead animal carcass, let me know where to line up. I really, really hate this day.
    But I do hope you enjoy it. 🙂


    • Me too! and I love researching the history but I am sorry I disproved your theory lol.
      You are too funny. I am not sure I would enjoy being hit with pieces of dead things. It goes beyond my realm of trying new things. Don’t hate the day, just turn it around in your favor. Do something awesome!

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  2. Interesting! I’ll stick with chocolates. 🙂 It seems like every Roman festival began with fertility and ended with wine! And I think Chaucer was influenced by the romantic French lais (courtly poetry) f the time. I liked the days in grade school when valentine’s were for everyone. Great post!


    • The Romans were wild! It seems they were always drinking, going to war, or having orgies.
      I’ve never read Chaucer to be honest. I struggle with the language barrier of that time period. 😦
      After this week and helping my youngest slowly write out 2 dozen cards and then 2 dozen candy bags, I don’t even miss grade school Valentine’s!!!! lol


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