8 comments on “Put it down, Save a life

  1. Every time I see these pictures I get so deathly sick! That WAS one of my babies who crawled out of that car! We are so very lucky to still have her and I thank GOD every day!

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    • Hey me too! The point is, everyone needs to be aware that though “just a quick text” might not seem that bad… It can turn out bad in a blink of an eye. It took OUR family to suffer a bad accident to realize the seriousness of the issue. BUT only those touched by the impact. There are too many that still text and drive. Or talk and drive. Or so on. How many accidents/deaths can be avoided by just waiting?! 🙂

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  2. Oh heavens, was that you in there? Bloody Hell, AJ. That’s awful. There’s a case in the papers just today of a 21 year old from Wales who drove into an elderly couple crossing the road at their home killing them both. She was on the phone for 18 of the twenty minutes she was in her car. She says it was on hands free but she admits she never saw the couple until the woman hit her windscreen. She wasn’t speeding but of course never braked. She is being prosecuted for causing death by dangerous driving and will almost certainly have a custodial sentence even if she is law abiding in every other respect. A young life ruined but what of the elderly couple and their family and friends? And all because of the bloody mobile phone.


    • The video is a reenactment I believe. The pictures of the black vehicle were mine, (I wasn’t sure which you were referring to lol) and it was absolutely terrifying.
      That is just horrible! I feel for both families. While I wrote this post there was a story on the news about a young woman, who was standing at her trunk, when a drunk driver struck and killed her. The stories are everywhere and what’s the saddest- they could have been avoided had the driver made different choices.

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    • I thought of you when I wrote this post, but I couldn’t find the original post. Thank you for including it.

      I am a grown up, still dealing with the aftermath of my own (mentally and physically), so I can only imagine what your boys went through.


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