9 comments on “We are just right…

  1. It needs saying so often to break the mold. As dad to a daughter who fights this body image thing I wish for once believing a parental promise that she’s beautiful counted more than it does. Happily her utterly delightful boyfriend knows how to say it and she believes him. Long may host continue and long may you know how beautiful you are. You have to be your own Goldilocks

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    • Well said! It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I realized just how important it was that I had a positive self body image of myself. More people need to stand up and promote a healthier self image. It is no longer an issue with just our girls anymore, even our boys are struggling with having to have that perfect image.

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      • So true. The pressure to conform to a type is so harsh. We seem to be through the worst in my family just now but they are still very young and susceptible at 21 and 24 so I’m not going to be complacent. But well done you.

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    • Thank you, but please, no slapping… I bruise like a peach 🙂 We speak so much of compassion for others and changing the world, but how can we do such things when we do not have compassion for our own selves? We must see the beauty in ourselves so that we can see the beauty of everyone else.

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  2. I never want to think your heart is breaking for any reason, I hope nothing I do ever causes that to happen for either you or your Mother!


  3. Way to encourage your sisters! I love this phrase: When I look in the mirror, I only see me. We live in such a body-image-conscious society. Messages bombard us, visuals. Shame can run deep. We need messages like yours! ❤


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