7 comments on “Furry Dreams

  1. They’re cats…they’re trying to kill you! Ha, ha! Great flash and so glad to have you back writing at the Ranch! At first, I read, “fur lined blanket” and my mind went medieval: to thoughts of castles. Ah, those felines! And as to which is worse–I can’t say, having experienced both and liking neither result. I once heard a Texas comedian say they out to make an alarm clock out of the sound of a child getting sick–nothing gets parents awake and out of bed faster!


    • I was afraid of that! Sneaky little creatures. Thank you!
      Medieval and castles at 2 a.m. would have been a neat route to try! My mind was rather slack, I’ll be honest… I was staring at a blanket that could almost be considered furry when my cat jumped up in my lap while I was trying my first go at the flash. Lol

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