12 comments on “Yawn, stretch, snort…

  1. Excuse me??? Who’s the pushy one? I seem to remember someone telling me to read Rooms, the Jonathan Tropper book, Big Little Lies, et. al. Oh, and let’s not forget Gone Girl. And who told me to join the friends group? And do NaNo? And Camp Nano?
    And all I’ve done in the meantime is tell you to read Before I Go To Sleep. Because it’s a good read. 😉
    ~mutters under breath~ I’ll show her who’s pushy….


    • No spoilers!!
      I had to take a bit of a blog-posting hiatus, my brain was a bit tired.
      So far, 2015 has been a good year, I hope yours is spendid as well!


      • Tip top thank you. Spiffing, as Bertie Wooster would say. Cold enough to, to use a nautical expression that sounds rude but isn’t ‘freeze the knockers off a brass monkey’ but generally good. Well apart from a trip to hospital in early March, but we can ignore that for now!

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    • What is a oneword2015? This sounds interesting…
      I know that I haven’t been commenting on everone’s blogs of late, but I promise that I’ve still been reading! I loved your son’s shirt, everyone should have one.

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  2. I’m really glad you didn’t scrap what you have done –because it is really good. No lie. It is really good. Cannot wait to see what else you do with it!

    And I think you are both pushy. But in the best way. 😉


    • Thank you CJ! It is always a relief when someone reads your work and you get helpful feedback. I will admit, I was dissappointed that we didn’t have time for yours on Sunday. I cannot wait to read more!!!!

      Being pushy is a compliment in every way!!! It means you care enough about something to push the subject. 🙂


  3. You’ve been hibernating in books! A good place for a writer to go! 11…you can gobble them up. Good for you figuring out what does and doesn’t motivate you. Lots of un-resolutioning happening this year. I got all nerdy over goals and once I do that then I go back to my daily to-dos with the frame in the brain. Sounds like you are making good writing progress, too!

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    • My TBR pile has become unmanageable and after NaNo and with the holidays, it was time to step back from the computer “thinking”.
      Nerdy goaling is my kind of thing! I find that I am more productive woth a daily or weekly to-do list. Those long term goals seem to get pushed back further and further till they never get done. You posted a goal graph recently that I thought was genius!!

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