11 comments on “Festering Thoughts {FF-21}

  1. Grim reality bites. Sometimes when you’re in a dark tunnel and you see a light it isn’t the end. It’s the on rushing express train. Or maybe a reflection of yourself scrabbling around with a torch looking for a way out. But in each case there’s a story there so just write it! Best from across the pond!

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  2. Sorry about your brutal weekend. You have moved on and started writing again which is marvelous. Go you!

    So funny. I don’t usually write to music but I have this one character I cannot write without her favorite music playing. 😉 I get it. I get that so much.

    Ooh. I want to read Rooms. Started Before I Fall but then Atlantia arrived in the mail and am reading that. I can’t wait to read Oliver’s books. Plus, I have Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle and On Hearing of My Mother’s Death… waiting on my Kindle. I’m a slow reader with little time which means my TBR pile is now two piles.

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    • Thank you! I seem to have my writing ups and downs this time around.

      If I don’t write to music, my mind tends to drift and the writing stops. It’s a terrible thing having a drifting mind. 🙂

      You will have to let me know your thoughts on All of those books. I just picked up Before I Fall today for my mom. I am in the middle of Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle, but I have hardly had any time to spare for reading. You only have two TBR piles?!?! Mine has grown from a pile to now being considered a small community of its own.

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  3. Okay, so your totals for a few days sucked But look at how you pushed yourself to get caught up. So, it’s possible. I sucked over the weekend, too. I got no writing done Saturday, and I didn’t really feel up to writing Sunday but I did it. Now, I’ve got to really push it so I can get back to where I’d like to be right now. But that’s fine because now I have two chapters running around in my brain so maybe the rest is what I needed.
    Oh, and I just got Rooms checked out last night. 🙂


    • I will admit that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with how far behind I have become, but I am trying to keep my spirits up.
      Let me know what you think about Rooms. (Especially on your views about how she set the book up with so many different POV’s.)

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  4. It is an up and down process, this writing stuff. That you are feeling good days and bad is a sign that you are writing. Keep slogging through it! You’ll have brilliant moments and moments close enough to smell the piss on the floor. Sharp writing in your flash! Love that music is you muse and that you are tackling multiple POVs. It’s encouraging for my trio of such. 🙂


    • Whatever gave us the idea to become writer’s? Oh right, those little voices acting out in our heads. It was either become a writer or seek professional help I guess. 🙂
      Knowing that I am not the only one taking on the task of juggling multiple POV’s is reassuring so thank you for helping me stay encouraged!


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