17 comments on “For Sale {20}

  1. I wish I could fast forward to retirement. My parents are taking cruises all over the world.
    Also, I do not like living near young people. Old people are my presence. Like you said, they’re usually quiet.
    And, nice short story!


    • I’d like to keep my age but still travel all over the world.
      You are too funny. Neighbors freak me out, I am always worried that they can hear me (I am extremely loud) or that our kids will fight, or worse, grow up and date. I need to move to a remote town with my closest neighbor a mile a way.
      Thanks. Have you ever tried writing flash fiction?

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      • Yes, i have. Years ago. I think i may have a couple still on my hard drive. I haven’t written one in so long. I enjoy reading it.


      • I’ve just recently started when I stumbled across Charli’s promots at the Carrot Ranch Blog earlier this year. I like how it pushes me out of my normal comfort zone when writing.


  2. I suppose we in the UK have seen to many American films about gorgeous houses that eat you to be anything other than ready to be creeped by the orthodonticly perfect clapperboarding and park perfect lawns of your houses. Lovely flash piece and good luck with the neighbours.

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    • It’s easy to let your imagination go crazy when thinking of the secrets so many houses have, even the picture perfect. I think my kids are disappointed that our home doesn’t have any deep dark hidden stories.


  3. Yes I know exactly what you mean. We walk with the dogs where my husband wanted to live. We see them sweeping their front lawns. We definitely wouldn’t have been welcome because like you our front lawn can become a littel unruly at times. Great flash – it had me creeped.


  4. Too perfect is creepy. People, houses, neighborhoods…whatever. Great flash (but, yes, give your hubbie a break. I mean, not a “break” but a…you know what I mean!)

    We get the cold shoulder, evil eye, and other cliches because our house isn’t picture perfect. But I say “bugger off” (in my head, of course). Get over it, people. My lawn has a dandelion.

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    • Why is it neighbors have to be so judgy. I wish my yard was as pretty as yours with your dandelion. I can’t even get weeds to sprout in mine. However, I don’t have to mow as often as everyone else so ha!


  5. Great flash! A house to perfect for murder. That’s creepy! Your yard? Oh, we could have been fine neighbors! The spring I went out to harvest (yes, harvest) my dandelions, I caught my neighbor spraying them! I was horrified. I explained that they were edible. He said they were ugly. How can a yellow flower be ugly? If you want cool (and dandelions aplenty) move to northern Idaho!


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