6 comments on “When does too much of a good thing become a bad thing?

  1. Well, for starters, please don’t stop while you are a head. Re-attach your body! 😉 Like Geoff said, get it all down and cut stuff out later. Or walk away (for an hour or a day) and come back to it. You’ll get some perspective.

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    • I will try and re-attach myself now. (I am still laughing, a lot. I am getting strange looks.) With NaNo coming up, I will get a month long chance to take a breather from my WIP.
      Thanks for the advice. And giggle fit.


  2. I once saw a survey that reported most writers are actually editors. So if you have the writing inclination…on and on and on across the page…consider yourself a true writer and write! Editing is a different process and cutting comes later. Even with flash fiction, I just write the scene, then come back and cut. Each has its own purpose in shaping what then is offered as the final piece.


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