5 comments on “Monster vs. Monster

  1. What a great review and yep, you’ve got it spot on. Shelley was a genius. A year of so ago another genius, Danny Boyle (not sure if that name has resonance – he made Train Spotting and Slumdog Millionaire as well as designing and directing the London Olympics Opening ceremony – the best ever (hmm, biased? Moi?); he adapted Frankenstein for stage with Benedict Cumberbatch (the most recent Sherlock if you’ve seen it) and Boyle grasped the essential horror of both characters descent into madness. It was painfully touching and grotesque at the same time. So glad you found this, Amber.

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    • Thank you! I think I am going to find other works written by Shelley. Some of the poetry that I’ve found written by her husband has been quite good too. It seems that another Frankenstein is in the works to be released in 2015. I wonder how it will be done.


      • Ah Ozymandias! beautiful. I stole a line of Shelley’s when in a poetry class some years back. We were challenged to write a sonnet in the style of and I came up with this cheat (stealing from several – if you can spot them!)

        Poetry Class

        I’ve lost years to selfish myopia,
        A self-inflicted Miltonian curse;
        Ne’er imagined such poetic utopia
        When reading Chaucerian verse.
        I’ve honoured the Bard from a distance
        Whose Marvel’s have Donne me no good;
        And Swift has been my resistance
        To Keats’s autumnal soul-food.
        And when Hopkins near sprung me from prison,
        I relapsed and began doubting Dylan.
        But, at last, I’ve changed my prescription
        Revealing a lost world so rare.
        I can now read that famous inscription:
        “Look on my works, enjoy: don’t despair.”

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