4 comments on “Let’s talk NaNoWriMo

  1. Hi AJ, Geoff56 here!. I’m on the cusp of giving Nano14 a go. Like you I did it last year and enjoyed it and have a YA novel to show for my pains (well, the rough hewn lump of one). So happy to buddy up, if that is the right (write!) word. I have a dilemma, though and it is a big one. I have two competing story lines and am finding it so difficult to decide which to go for. Grrr.


    • What did you do with your NaNo novel after you finished last year? I completed my 50k words and never looked at it again once December came. (I did a YA too!)
      Oh that’s rough, having to decide between two story plots.


      • I edited it in December, had six copies printed by Lulu.com for my family at Christmas (it had a Christmas theme and my family have nagged me for something tangible out of all my writing), had a couple of beta readers review it in the first half of last year and… left it alone. So do I write the second book (I always envisaged at least three) or the sequel to the novel I’m on the very, very edge of publishing – hmm this week, certainly next. Not sure.


      • I am going back and forth on which idea that I want to write next month as well. Though I did add my novel to the NaNo sight, I keep going back to another idea instead. So who knows, thankfully I still have a week to decide! Printing your novel and giving it as a Christmas present was a wonderful idea! I’d be too terrified that my family would all secretly be gathered behind the Christmas tree, laughing together at what I had written…
        On a side note, something I learned about buddy adding on NaNo, both parties have to find the others user name and “buddy” one another separately, which is strange.


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