9 comments on “Urban Legends

  1. Chills! Great last line and the appearance of a yellow boat makes it even creepier! I remember Bloody Mary. The girls bathroom at school was pitch black and it still makes me shiver at how scared I was–I never could look at the mirror. I have something to put you in the mood for Halloween next week. 🙂


    • To this day, I cannot go into a dark bathroom and let my eyes go near the mirror because I get creeped out with the Bloody Mary memories from when I was younger. It’s strange what sticks with us, even as adults who know none of it is real.

      Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  2. Yup. Urban legends. The only one I remember is Bloody Mary. Gah. Why do kids like to creep themselves out? Then they cry or call home to be picked up? A friend told me that she did that once.


    • I’m not sure why, maybe the rush and trying to prove bravery, but my kids do it too. They love watching ghost stories and things of that nature. R.L.Stine is a big hit in my house.


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