6 comments on “99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge {18}

  1. Oh you sucker. He’s GORGEOUS. Hope you don’t love near water, or worse, mud! But on the bright side our vet said they can eat anything without impact. Our fellow ate last years advent calendar and had his stomach chemically emptied given how dangerous choc is for dogs but apparently not labs. He is lab isn’t he (suddenly I doubt myself). And your flash worked well. Sooo sad he doesn’t realise he’s fallen on his paws…

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    • Thank you! He is a lab mix, though we aren’t sure what the mixed part is. But he is a sweetheart… Now if I could convince my cats that he’s not a scary monster.
      What type of dog do you have? What a scary thing, having to have his stomach pumped. The poor thing.


      • He’s an allsosrts. Some Jack Russell, some Staffie who knows what else. Like you ours is a rescue dog and is a delight. He goes for miles which suits my love of tramping. Labs will eat anything which is useful, apart from the time our friends lost a sock….

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  2. What kind of hell is this prompt? Second flash to make me cry this week! Oh, what a sweet face. Gus will come to know joy in the world thanks to your rescue and I think dogs (sorry cats) make a home. Way to step up and challenge your writing. The POV was spot on and so empathetic to the view!

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