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  1. we met Harry just after book two came out. The Textiliste was looking for something for the lawyer and read a review of the Philosophers’ Stone She read it, loved it and passed it to me to read it to him (he was a bit young to read it for himself). After that I read all seven to the children and by the last 3 it was getting to be a struggle because they could read it for themselves but wanted me to add the voices (we became addicted to the English audio book versions with a British comedian called Stephen Fry – not sure if you’ve come across him in the US) Perfect for long car journeys. We had a shock when the Goblet came out – we had a long holiday in Wyoming and Montana and while we had the book no audio. On our first day we found an American set of CDs. Excited we paid heaven knows what only to find it read by an English plonker called Jim Dale. Awful!


    • How wonderful is that, your children still wanting you to read the final three books to them!
      Mine were not as excited about my reading talent. My son preferred to read them on his own then borrowed the CDs from the library.
      Many years ago I listened to the series on CD while working but I could not tell you who the narrator was. I will have to find out now!


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