4 comments on “What determines a good book?

  1. I’ll admit to a curate’s egg of a reaction to Gone Girl. On the one hand the initial premise was great and I redid the first half fast but then I began to stop believing the protagonists could get away with what happened, esp the woman and by the end I just wanted it done. So I think you’ve put me off. Thanks AJ!


    • I felt the exact same way about her other two books, Sharp Objects & Dark Places; I was just ready for them to end at certain points. And you are right, the premise was great just a little over kill on being deranged in my opinion.

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  2. The beginnin was slow to grab my interest, the middle was a real page turner, but then, in my humble opinion, there was no end, it just stopped.


    • I’ll be honest, I have not cared much for any of the endings by all three books. The author does a great build up, but then falls short at the end.

      I heard that she rewrote the ending for the Gone Girl movie, so maybe you will like the new version better.


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