3 comments on “Home Sweet Home

  1. You’ve been a crappy blogger? Well, I can relate. At least you’ve had a good summer to show for it. Enjoy and get back to blogging when you can. I await your reviews and flash at Carrot Ranch.

    Good luck with start-of-school for your babies. 😉

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  2. To be a writer you have to accept that you will be both brilliant and crappy. Brilliance keeps you going; crap keeps you real. Writers are a lot like dog mushers–you leash these bundles of uncontrollable energy to your sled, which is the process of hitching words to your story, then you fly out across the frozen ground hoping it all takes you on an adventure without killing you. What the mushers say of this experience I think rings true for us writers–panic forward! Just keep moving as you are doing and you are going in a direction.

    As for the babies…ah, I wish I could say it gets easier. You’ll just get better at hiding the tears from them. My eldest baby (and her husband who is another mother’s baby) just finished grad work in Missoula which is three hours away. Now they are moving to Houghton, MI three days drive away. I cried. Then picked up my paper and pens and started writing again.

    And you don’t have to be a Rough Writer every week! Come and go as you can. Enjoy the ride!

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  3. You’re not crap, just human. As for the continuing impact of children, ah well… I’d put it slightly differently to Charli. It changes, rather than gets easier. We found that the needs became less constant but more intensive. The teenage years especially, they’d prefer you weren’t there until they need you and then it’s a rollercoaster like you’ve never experienced with younger children. But every age, every phase is a hoot and a joy and cannot be compared to the last one. Ours are now 21 and 24. Independent of mind if not yet of pocket they involve us in their affairs at times of their choosing and beguile and bemuse us equally. Currently the Vet is somewhere between Bolivia and Peru. I pretend that’s cool, exciting even but I’m s******g myself just thinking about what might go wrong. However our greatest gift to our children is to give them the emotional freedom to grow and be themselves and not carrying our concerns with them. So hide those tears and enjoy the ride. And keep blogging when you can. You know we enjoy it and it makes sense!

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