10 comments on “99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge {12}

  1. Funny how we don’t think of certain things like fruit, but you found a crate of inspiration. Grudges are so deep and sometimes so ridiculous. You’ve captured so well in your writing, that essence of a grudge–people making up their own ideas for the reason; the truth being as simple as two seeds planted long ago. Way to take this prompt and deliver up a deep dish of human behavior.

    Orange bread? Ha! Well, it was probably worth a try! I like to put orange peel into chocolate chip cookies, which for some reason sound very good today…Great flash!

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  3. I love the way you worked your dislike of “It’s not fair” into your flash. I’m sure the brothers think it’s not fair. Well done!


  4. Impressive Amber. That could be turned into the basis of a longer piece. Funny where inspiration comes to you – a simple matter of normal children’s spats over fairness can lead to a fruity dilemma. Thankyou for your kind words also. Glad you enjoyed it.


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