14 comments on “99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge {8}

  1. Nice. I love “ghost” towns. So cool. You fit a lot into 99 words here. I want to have a drink at that saloon. 😉 Meet me there?

    P.S. St. Elmo looks amazing! Thanks for including the link.

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    • Sounds like an excellent idea! First round’s on me.

      It really is wonderful. And there’s a chipmunk feeding spot that is a must experience, the little critters are so humanized that they crawl all over you lol

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  2. You describe so well that sense of walking in the road created by others before, wondering who and why. That detail about skipping stones makes us realize we are not so different from our ancestors. I can almost her the piano playing in the saloon! And that last line is what I think everything I see a place like that–abandoned–why? Great flash! Oh, and I’d belly up to saloon bar with you, too!

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