12 comments on “Good Bye 20’s

    • Thank you! Growing up, anything over 30 was considered being a Dinosaur. (Lol I was one Those awesome kids who knew everything!) But then it got here and I forgot to be upset that I was “old”. (It also probably helped that my husband is ten years older. So I get a glimpse into the future of it not being that big of a deal.) I hope that made sense.

      The link worked! I can’t seem to figure out how to “like” your posts. But it was a good post!!
      Here is to many good years no matter our age. And thank goodness to not being a teen anymore.

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      • Yah, I haven’t quite figured out how to get the “like” button on there. Or any other ones, really. Twitter, Facebook, et al. I should do that.

        Yes, that made sense. 🙂 When your husband looks and acts young and is older than you, it’s easy to accept that you’re not old. Or something. Now I don’t think mine made sense.


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