12 comments on “99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge {6}

  1. Now what’s not to like with that cookie! There was a (crap) movie years ago – British Carry On humour of a kind, written by an extraordinary bug-eyed comedian called Marty Feldman. Every Home Should Have One. Sounds like the title should be applied to Hubby! Have a great birthday weekend – eek it out as long as possible I say – and post when you can. And, so we don’t forget the purpose of the post, another lovely little flash piece (though the rubber gloves imagery is rather evocative of one recurring nightmare of mine involving airport security that I wont go into).


    • Thank you!! The cookie was good too!! As was the birthday/Father’s day weekend! Hubby out did himself and it was great.
      Thank goodness rubber gloves only remind me of cleaning toilets or the oven and not airport travel. That’d definitely sounds like a nightmare.


  2. Good to meet you through Charli’s Rough Writers, nice piece of flash and I note your concern about frequency of posts etc! When I started last autumn I struggled to produce one post a week – somewhere along the line the ‘practice’ frees something up and ideas get easier. Meanwhile, I’m headed fast towards the UK summer break and all the distractions that entails, but have you heard of “Wordless Wednesday” and “Silent Sunday” as ways of posting one or two photo’s without any further effort? They invite quite a bit of interest and traffic – I’ve only recently been having a go, I got the idea from Irene Waters – http://irenewaters19.com – who’s a prolific ‘poster’! Enjoy the summer, Lisa


    • It’s nice to meet you Lisa, I’ve read many great posts about you through some of the other Bloggers! I will have to look into “Wordless Wednesday” and “Silent Sunday”, this sounds interesting and fun!! Thank you!


  3. I’m feeling it, too! Except, no rubber gloves–I put on my leather gloves and mowed half the ranch Friday after cleaning the house for my “kids.” Their in their mid-20s, but always I’ll think of them as the kids. We had fun and now I’m playing catch-up with sore arms and hands. 🙂 I think we can all commiserate with “The To-Do List.” Great flash, once again!

    It’s such a delight having you ride/write with the Congress of Carrot Ranch Rough Writers! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!


    • Mowing the ranch sounds daunting! But playing with the kids, no matter the age, is always the best way to spend our time. There were four generations at my house Saturday and no matter how old any if us are, we are still are Mothers’ “babies”.

      Thank you for having me as a part of the group and for the birthday wishes!!


  4. Amber Happy Birthday. Hope the pool party went /goes well and you have time to have a lot of fun.
    Your flash is how I feel every time we invite guests. It seems like a great idea at the time and then on the couple of days beforehand exhaustion kicks in. Still when it boils down to it they come to see you not the house (this is what I tell myself anyway.)


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