7 comments on “99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Alaskan vacation gone bad! That gave me chills! Really? This is your first flash? You did a great job, setting up suspense, giving the reader a thrill ride and wanting to know more. Thank you for joining the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction challenge. Hope to see more flash from you!


    • Thank you TanGental, you and Charli made my day! Thank you both for visiting and following my blog! And I am such a pro at procrastinating, I could probably write a book about it. (But I’d probably procrastinate in getting it completed.)


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    • Thank you! I’m new to it but really enjoy it. It has helped me learn to tighten up my writing and get the point across in very few words. (And it has helped give me a short break when I need one with my WIP.)

      The new prompt is posted on Wednesday by Charli Mills each week over at Carrot Ranch Communications. The deadline is the following Tuesday at noon.

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